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Man dies in car-to-car shooting, search for gunman

Posted at 7:12 PM, Oct 26, 2022

CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A neighborhood is on edge and a killer is on the loose after a deadly broad-daylight shooting in Chula Vista. Police say it happened on E Street near Broadway at about 11 a.m. Wednesday morning.

"It's unnerving and very concerning that it's happening in your neighborhood," said Terry Buckley, who lives nearby.

Wednesday morning was quiet for Buckley before he heard gunfire in front of his house.

"I was actually here in the driveway doing some work. I didn't see what happened but I heard the shots," said Buckley. "To me it sounded like there were two shots. That's what I remember hearing. But it was a little bit hard to distinguish because I was working with power tools. But I do recall hearing two."

Now he says it's hard to feel safe.

"The timing was unusual," said Buckley. "It's first thing in the morning. On this street, everyone's heading to work catching the 5 freeway."

Police say a driver, a 38-year-old man believed to live in Chula Vista, was shot by a man in another car. Witnesses told officers both drivers got out of their cars and approached each other before one of them shot the other.

Now, a search is underway to find the killer.

"You have a school that's nearby, kids were walking by," said Buckley. "That time of morning too, kids are walking by and they're on their way to school. It's concerning for our safety."

That's why Buckley has security cameras on his home.

"The cameras do provide some assurance and protection," said Buckley. "And of course, we have our gated front. But it's really just to make you feel safe."

Cory Lahey was taking his three dogs for a walk when the shooting left him startled and confused.

"It was surprising. In this area, we've been here six months and it's not too bad," said Lahey. "Since we've been here, this is the first incident like this."

Police say the suspect sped off in a silver or gray sedan, heading west towards the I-5. No other information about the gunman is available. If you know anything about the gunman, you're encouraged to contact the Chula Vista Police Dept.