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Sister: 'Heroic' brother killed while protecting friends

Posted at 5:00 PM, Oct 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-14 22:37:36-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A heartbroken local woman says her brother was killed in a Phoenix park while trying to 'protect his friends.'

"He was infamous for making people laugh. He had a heart bigger than his being," said Amy Clark, Isaac Clark's sister.

Last month, Isaac Clark, 23, moved from San Diego to Phoenix to be closer to his 4-year-old son. He had a job lined up doing event setup. Last Wednesday, Clark found himself in a park around 1 a.m. His sister Amy says he was checking on two friends, who had been evicted and were living in a car.

Police say he heard a vehicle being vandalized, and headed toward the sound before realizing it was his friends' car. That is when the suspects approached Clark, sparking a fight. Clark was stabbed multiple times. He would die at the hospital.

"I feel like he died a hero. He tried to do the right thing. He was trying to protect his friends," said a tearful Amy Clark.

Three people were arrested. Police say Maurice James, 24, and Eldon Sandoval, 18 are facing second-degree murder charges. A third person, Chantel Ben, 21, faces hindering prosecution chargers.

"They took my one-and-only sibling. They took my one-and-only baby brother from me," she said.

An emotional vigil was held at that park a night after the incident. Clark's sister is haunted by their conversation about the violence in the world right before he left San Diego.

"We were saying we just need to be more kind, more empathetic," she said.

A grieving sister says that kindness was nowhere to be found In that park, early that morning.

"We need to get justice because he now has a 4-year-old son who has to live without him," she said.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help with funeral expenses and to set up a fund for his son.