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Scripps Ranch community makes face masks for health care workers

Posted at 4:20 PM, Mar 30, 2020

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- From elementary school students to parents, many in the Scripps Ranch community are coming together to help during the coronavirus crisis.

Like many throughout the county, Ryan Williams is now working from home. His wife does not have that luxury.

“My wife has been a nurse for about 12 years now,” Williams said.

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His new side project hits close to home. He is helping to make face masks to send to health care workers.

“It is personal,” Williams said. “I would want to make sure my wife is protected when she was trying to help save others’ lives. I believe most people in the world would feel the same way as our health care workers.

Williams, who works for Craft Bot, makes the headbands for the masks. Others help put it together. The project is coordinated through the Scripps Ranch Civic Association.

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“I've got seven printers, so I can print a lot. Others have one because they're a consumer that owns a 3D printer and they can print three or four a day. There's several people out there chipping in little by little,” Williams said.

Ten-year-old Asher Botts is one of those people helping. He is also using his 3D printer to make headbands. He’s made five so far, with each one taking several hours to print.

When asked why he is getting involved, he said he was “helping our country.”

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This past weekend, organizers of the project delivered 200 of these masks, mostly to local hospitals. More are on the way.

“The idea is before me, bigger than me. Everybody in our community is branching together to do this,” Williams said.

To get more information on the project, you can email: