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San Diego couple misses cruise over coronavirus concerns

Posted at 6:28 PM, Feb 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-12 21:30:32-05

CARLSBAD (KGTV) -- A San Diego couple is missing their cruise over coronavirus concerns after they say the cruise company changed the itinerary without a refund.

Lisa and Luis Revilla are cruise ship connoisserus. They've sailed through the Greek Islands and along the Italian coast.

Their next trip was supposed to be through the Pacific Islands on the Norwegian Jade. But, due to coronavirus concerns that ship set sail without them.

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"I don’t need to go and risk my life," said Lisa Revilla. "We were sailing from Singapore and were being dropped off in Hong Kong. Hong Kong in the end closed their port."

So, Norwegian changed the itinerary to leave Singapore, spend time at sea and head back to Singapore. It also wouldn't be your typical trip.

"They were gonna implement certain temperature gauges, every time we got off and got back on from every port we were traveling to," said Revilla.

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But to get over there they were planning on flying from LAX to Hong Kong, but American Airlines canceled their flights. So, they couldn't have taken the cruise even if they tried.

"Basically I'm out almost $6,000 from this voyage we were going to take," said Revilla. "What if we’re quarantined and I cant get back to my job I mean who’s going to pay for that?"

Norwegain sent us this statement:

“We always strive to do right by our guests while maintaining the business policies and practices we have in place to help us manage through situations just like this. It is because of the very nature of unexpected situations that we strongly recommend that guests obtain travel protection insurance. As a convenience to our guests, we offer a few travel protection plans at the time of booking, as well as during several follow-up communications. The plans allow for coverage in many situations. Some plans offer guests the opportunity to cancel for any reason. In addition, as is common in the travel and tourism industry, we have developed cancellation policies.

They are communicated to our guests at time of booking and can be found on our website here:

Revilla told 10News they were traveling with another couple who even purchased insurance through Norwegian and were told it wouldn't apply here.

"We’ve been saving our money for a whole year and planning this whole trip. And it just didn’t happen," said Revilla.

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Revilla was able to get the money from her flights refunded as well as a hotel they had booked in Hong Kong.