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San Diegans practice social distancing while being outdoors

Posted at 7:34 PM, Mar 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-22 22:34:01-04

SAN DIEGO COUNTY (KGTV)-- Many Californians have not stepped out of their homes since Thursday after Governor Gavin Newsom issued the State-wide Stay-at-home order. But some are beginning to head outdoors, just with many precautions.

Just a few days into the Governor's Stay-at-home order, many San Diegans are already getting cabin fever.

"With our gyms closed, we got to get exercise somehow," Joann Carcioppolo said.

With no access to their weights and machines, Carcioppolo and her friend Janice Meyers decided to take a stroll around Pacific Beach. Of course, keeping in mind, Rule #1.

"Doing our social distancing!" Meyers laughed.

Families also took to the outdoors, hiking and hitting the parks. Instead of having their children clued to their devices, the Marcussen's spent the day at Calavera Hills Community Park in Carlsbad. Mother, Candice, said today, her children's playtime had a little bit of a modification.

"We're not letting them play on the playground," Marcussen said. "They brought their own toys down to make sure that we stay healthy and clean."

Now that kids do not have school, and parents are working from home, things can get mundane. But many said they are trying to stay positive during this global pandemic.

"Were are just trying to be kind grateful for this extra time together that we wouldn't normally have had. And just roll with it because what else are we going to do?" Marcussen asked.

"Everybody, get out there and move!" Meyers said. "I mean, just keep that social distance. You got to get the fresh air and stay healthy. That's the biggest thing!"