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Residents raise concerns over two sexually violent predators possibly being placed in Borrego Springs

Posted at 6:51 AM, Jul 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-08 09:51:50-04

BORREGO SPRINGS, Calif. (KGTV) - Borrego Springs is a quiet and rural town. It’s also the place being considered for the release of two sexually violent predators, Michael Martinez and Douglas Badger.

“Borrego Springs is 70 miles in any form of support services that even the California State Hospitals they have to have to be successful. So why they’re placing into something out there it just completely befuddles our mind,” said resident Lee Rogers.

On Friday, a San Diego County judge will review the proposed location for Martinez on Running M Road in Borrego Springs.

Martinez has been convicted four separate times in cases involving children.

Lee and Sarah Rogers, who have helped drum up community push against Martinez’s possible placement, hope to have their voices and concerned heard at the hearing on Friday morning.

“There are children around who fit SVP Martinez’s victim profile,” Sarah Rogers said. “In order for these folks to be successful as Lee says, they don’t need to be next door to them. They don’t need to be anywhere near them because it’s temptation.”

This community found out earlier this week that Badger was also being considered for his release in Borrego Springs.

Lee and Sarah Rogers say they know of children who are home-schooled that are near the proposed Zuni Trail location where Badger could be placed.

Terrie Kellmeyer lives across the street from that possible location.

“I have three kids; two of them have special needs. They are deaf. They can’t hear,” Kellmeyer said. "They will be terrified. My daughter, I can't even imagine if she has to go to bed even think of the possibility of it happening. She will not be safe or feel safe."

The Rogers say they’ve worked on sending letters and a signed petition against Martinez’s placement.

The public be able to start their gathering and submitting of comments regarding Badger’s placement starting on Friday.

There’s hope for Rogers and Kellmeyer that their concerns won’t be ignored.

“They’re focusing on why this is bad for this person to be on this block with this many children, with this many elderly people in the area and with no support services out there; this is just not a good thing,” Lee Rogers said.

“Borrego Springs is not the appropriate place to sexually violent predators,” Kellmeyer said.

Rogers told ABC 10News they’re organizing a more formal group in Borrego Springs to push back against any future possible placements of sexually violent predators.