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Rabbi who survived attack heading to Washington, DC for National Day of Prayer

Posted at 7:28 PM, May 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-01 22:28:04-04

(KGTV)— Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein is on his way to Washington, DC tonight, ahead of the National Day of Prayer event. The Rabbi and his family were personally invited to the event by the President and the First Lady.

Four days after surviving the worst day of his life, Yisroel Goldstein is making a cross-country trip. 10News caught up with the Rabbi as he flew above Salt Lake City in an airplane.

“What I saw happen on Saturday morning was a page out of the Holocaust days,” Rabbi Goldstein said. “The hatred has not stopped. The hatred the anti-Semitism has risen and it must be stopped.”

This is the reminder the Rabbi hoped to convey at the National Day of Prayer event at the nation’s capital.

“Having me join him [the President] at the prayer service is very meaningful,” Rabbi Goldstein said. “It helps us with the beginning of healing. And I’ll be talking to him from my heart about our community appreciates him, and how we’re proud to be American, and we’re proud of the American spirit.”

He referred to the proud American spirit of his dear friend, Lori Gilbert-Kay, the 60-year-old worshipper who was shot and killed in Saturday’s tragedy.

“She was all about giving, and doing kindness,” Goldstein said about Gilbert-Kay.

He said her kindness emanated in her service to the community. Gilbert-Kay was heavily involved in the Chabad’s Friendship Circle Walk-a-Thon event. This year, he will dedicate the event to her.

“It’s about bringing awareness to children with special needs, and pairing up teenagers who meet with the children and become their friends,” Goldstein said. “It brings smiles to their faces. We’re going to have thousands of smiles in honor of Lori at Liberty station.”

Smiles + Love.
That is what he plans to talk about in Washington, DC.
He believes this is the formula that will transcend hate.

“No-one is going to take us down,” Goldstein said. “We are going to take as much good and kindness to accomplish in the world for as many people as possible.”

Rabbi Goldstein will begin his Washington, DC. trip tomorrow at a local Chabad at 8 am, where he will say a Grand Blessing.
The National Day of Prayer begins at 7:30 pm EST.

To stream the event, click HERE.