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Pregnant Ukrainian refugee recounts journey to San Diego

Galyna Dobravska, 25, is due in May
Pregnant Ukrainian refugee recounts journey to San Diego
Posted at 4:44 PM, Apr 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-17 15:46:26-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A Ukrainian refugee, eight months pregnant, is recounting her emotional journey from her homeland to San Diego.

When the Russian invasion began, Galyna Dobravska was at her home in Kyiv, with her husband in Odesa on business.

“I woke up to the bombs. I was scared, all alone by myself,” said Dobravska.

Dobravska, 25, quickly drove out of the city, then slowly made her way to the border, amid packed roads and the sounds of explosions. She worried about the impact of the war on her pregnancy.

“It was stressful. I had dreams of getting to a doctor so I could find out her baby was fine,” said Dobravska.

10 days after the bombs started falling, Dobravska crossed into Moldova, where she met her husband, who crossed on the first day, ahead of an edict banning most men from leaving Ukraine.

Dobravska met with a doctor in Moldova, who confirmed the baby was healthy.

The couple made their way to Spain. After a few weeks, with Europe struggling with an influx of refugees, the couple decided to fly into Tijuana. They stayed in a shelter for more than three days. They were given food and supplies, before crossing into San Diego last Friday. They’re being hosted by a Rancho Santa Fe family.

“Didn't expect so much help. No words to express how thankful I am to San Diego,” said Dobravska.

Recently, Dobravska learned the fate of their home in Kyiv, heavily damaged by rocket blasts.

“I'm so happy that my baby will not be born in a war. My baby will be safe,” said Dobravska.

Dobravska has already met with a doctor in San Diego and picked out a hospital. She is due May 23.

“I wish the war will end and my family and friends are safe, and that my baby will be healthy and start a happy life,” said Dobravska.

Dobravska’s husband, who owned an internet provider company, has applied for a work permit to start working in San Diego.