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Poll shows majority of California voters oppose to Newsom recall

Gavin Newsom
Posted at 12:14 PM, Sep 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-09 19:46:44-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — With less than a week away from California's gubernatorial recall election, a new statewide survey shows voters are in favor of keeping Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in office.

The ABC 10News/Survey USA poll of 1,300 registered and likely voters indicated that 54% of likely recall-election voters want to keep the Governor, compared to 41% who seek to have him removed from office before his first term is up.

POLL 26805_ELECTION_03.jpg

In a state that is heavily Democratic, just 11% of Democrats defect. 85% of Democrats march in party solidarity, which is enough to give Newsom a cushion.

The gubernatorial recall election on September 14 will determine if Gov. Newsom will remain in his seat or be removed from office.

When voters were asked if they would turn in their ballots in time for the election, 36% said they already returned their ballots, 33% said they were 100% certain to vote, 14% said they were likely to vote, 7% said they were 50/50, 5% said they were not likely to vote, 4% said they were certainly not voting, and 1% said they were not sure.

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Surveyors were then asked who should replace Newsom and serve out the rest of his term if he is removed from office. Of those surveyed, 60% said they would vote for a new candidate, while 31% said they would leave the question blank for now, and 8% said they were undecided.

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Lastly, likely and actual voters were provided a list of 46 other candidates who are on the ballot for the governor seat, and they were asked who would they choose to replace Newsom.

Of those surveyed, 29% voted for Larry Elder (R), 9% voted for Kevin Paffrath (D), 8 % voted for John Cox (R), and 6% voted for Kevin Faulconer (R).

John R. Drake (D), Holly Baade (D), and Jacqueline McGowan (D) were all in the 4% mark. Brandon Ross (D) and Kevin Kiley (R) were both in the 3% mark.

Patrick Kilpatrick (D), Joel Ventresca (D), Daniel Watts (D), and Caitlyn Jenner (R) were all in the 2% mark.

6% of the votes were for Another Candidate, and 13% of the votes were Undecided.

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