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Second coyote attack on pit bull captured at Chula Vista baseball fields

Pit bull attacked by coyote at Chula Vista baseball fields - again
Posted at 4:45 PM, Mar 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-30 11:32:26-04

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) — Video shows the aftermath of another dramatic showdown between an aggressive coyote and a pit bull near a little league field in the South Bay.

The encounter played out on Sunday morning, feet from the fields of the South Bay Little League.

When Keyanue McCallon hit record on his phone, the ugliest part of the encounter had just played out between his 5-year-old pit bull, Minimus, and a coyote.

"My dog was just standing there. I turned around and saw the coyote and my dog were fighting. They were rolling, and I started yelling. They separated, and I'm yelling at them. The coyote then ran into the bushes," said McCallon.

It wouldn't back off for long. For the next half hour, McCallon says the coyote would repeatedly charge at his dog.

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"I keep getting in the away. It comes to within feet of me," said McCallon.

In May, there was a similar showdown a few hundred yards away. McCallon recorded video of a large coyote, believed to be a different one, as it jumped a park fence and attacked Minimus, who wasn't injured in that encounter or in the one this weekend.

"It shows they're aggressive, protecting their area," said McCallon.

Since the start of the pandemic, neighbors have reported a pack of aggressive coyotes roaming the baseball fields and nearby Loma Verde Park. During May, when that now-viral video of a coyote attacking Minimus was recorded, there were reports of at least six pets killed. McCallon lives next to the fields.

"I've seen far too many people feeding them. I see people walking down and throwing meat behind the bushes ... It happens daily," said McCallon.

Neighbors have complained the city leaders, who put into motion a coyote education, which could include trapping as a last resort. For McCallon, the plan can't come soon enough.

"If the coyote isn't afraid of my 120-pound pit bull, they're not going to be afraid of your grandmother. They're not going to be afraid of your child walking a little Yorkie. I'm trying to give a cautionary tale for people to be a little more careful," said McCallon.

Chula Vista city staffers were recently directed to come up with a coyote plan. It's unclear when the issue may come before the city council for a vote.