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Parent speaks about violent confrontation at Temecula soccer tournament

Posted at 5:38 PM, Jan 13, 2020

TEMECULA, Calif. (KGTV) -- Monday, new details emerged about a fight on the field. The student at the center of it all is from Chula Vista.

Cell phone video shows people pushing and shoving each other on the field. The violent scene unfolding in the middle of a soccer tournament in Temecula.

A stampede of hundreds of parents and children running from what they thought was an active shooter.

Erik Saur shared video in the moments before he grabbed his 9-year-old daughter.

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“I felt like a tidal wave. You can hear them say shooting process. You don’t process gotta get out of there," Saur said.

The incident happened Sunday at Galway Downs. A video captured the moment the chaos started. 10-year-old boys started fighting when spectators swarmed the field.

One of the boys that was hurt was from the Albion Team in Chula Vista. In the midst of the chaos, a man who had a camouflage duffel bag caused hysteria.

“He rushes to the sideline and he pulls out the backpack and someone is telling him ‘don’t do it’ they said must have a weapon.”

The man was detained by deputies for a short time. Investigators say there was no weapon, but the fear was real.

The father of the child injured says his son will be okay. Coaches and parents plan to meet later this evening to discuss safety measures moving forward.

Albion issued a statement Tuesday, saying in part they are working closely with the California State Soccer Association and U.S. Soccer to create higher standards and stricter consequence for sideline issues:

"As a youth soccer community, we want to check in with all our families after the situation we encountered during the tournament this past weekend. We also want to commend our families for their commitment to excellence as a sideline maintaining sportsmanship and class always. For years, we have witnessed youth sports becoming too emotional on the sidelines, and we have worked to educate our families and bring forth guidelines to ensure: safety, respect, sportsmanship, and class. Unfortunately, this is not the case with every team or club we play against.

We will continue to guide our staff and families to always be in control and work toward being the leaders in the industry.

After this weekend we are committed to not only holding us to be the best in practice, but are working closely with Cal South and US Soccer to create higher standards and push for stricter consequences for sidelines and issues that cross the line.

We appreciate everyone’s support and recognition of the situation; and hope that as a community, as Albion SC, we use this as an opportunity to help improve and change the landscape and support and remind everyone that this is just a game. It is a game meant for the players and a place we want our players to always feel safe to play this beautiful sport."