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Normal Heights pastor meets with Haitian migrants in Texas

Normal Heights pastor meets with Haitian migrants in Texas
Posted at 4:02 PM, Sep 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-24 19:25:52-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A pastor in Normal Heights who met with Haitian migrants in Texas is back in San Diego.

Cellphone video shot by Pastor Jean Elise Durandisse Thursday outside a shelter in Del Rio, Texas, shows the pastor giving fist bumps to a migrant family released by US authorities. Durandisse purchased their bus tickets.

“Help them out and get them to their final destination,” said Durandisse.

In this case, that destination was Florida, where they have a family.

For several days, Durandisse, a pastor at Haitian Methodist Ministry in Normal Heights, made his way around Del Rio. Blocked by authorities from reaching the migrant camps, Durandisse ended up meeting dozens of released migrants at shelters, bus stations, and the airport.

As the US continues its mass deportation, an unknown number have also been released to apply for asylum.

On Friday, President Biden called a video showing Border Patrol agents using horses to deter migrants an ‘embarrassment.’

“It’s un-human and that's why the world is watching,” said Durandisse.

Durandisse says some of the migrants he met lost everything in last month's earthquake in Haiti.

Others fear armed gangs and an unstable government after the assassination of Haiti's president.

“They don't have hope. They’re looking for a place, at least to have hope,” said Durandisse.

Durandisse bought bus and plane tickets for some and ministered to others.

“I prayed with them. I sing with them. I told them, they aren’t alone,” said Durandisse.

He believes some families will end up in San Diego.

“I told them, if they need help, just call me and put my name as a sponsor so I can help them … The church can help them. Once done with the process, they might come to San Diego,” said Durandisse.