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New signs in place to protect La Jolla sea lions, seals

Posted at 12:29 PM, Jul 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-12 15:29:24-04

LA JOLLA, Calif. (KGTV) -- Some new signs around La Jolla Cove are warning visitors to keep their distances from seals and sea lions.

For the sea lions lounge in La Jolla, pupping season lasts through the end of October. It's a vulnerable time for the pups, which can't swim well when they're newborns and are at risk of drowning.

Irresponsible tourism can also be dangerous for humans who decide to get too close -- they can be bitten by these large and often assertive animals.

In June, animal rights activists alerted the media that a newborn sea lion pup died after being harassed by people who got too close and scared the animals.


Now, the signage and staff, who will be present at times, should serve to educate the humans on how to behave.

ABC 10News reached out to the mayor's office to see how often and by whom the area will be staffed, but no response was provided as of the publication of this story.