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Neighbors help seniors book COVID-19 vaccine appointments

Neighbors help seniors book COVID-19 vaccine appointments
Posted at 4:13 PM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-05 19:40:14-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — As some seniors struggle to make COVID-19 vaccine appointments, two women are on a mission to help.

A photo shows Sylvia Lange's 89-year-old father Charles, who is bed-bound, getting his COVID vaccine outside Petco Park. The entire process, from signing up to getting him there, was not easy.

"Just very difficult," said Lange.

Lange knows other seniors who are facing similar challenges.

"The computer itself is daunting and overwhelming ... Many people have no families to help them," said Lange.

Lange helped several seniors at her church sign up for appointments. She then posted a message on a Point Loma Nextdoor site, offering to assist seniors with making an appointment. So far, Lange has signed up some 11 people for vaccine appointments.

"I have all the websites of all the booking sites open, so in between tasks, I'm constantly refreshing and refreshing," said Lange.

She handed over the appointment paperwork for one neighbor on Friday morning.

"He had the computer, but didn't know how to use it well enough to make an appointment," said Lange.

As she has helped others, Lange has had to navigate the privacy concerns.

"The issue of them giving me their personal information is a big one ... I reassure them of who I am. I send all my identification and tell them where I live. There is an understanding this is safe. As soon as I put in the information, I throw it away," said Lange.

Lange's close friend, retiree Jean Froning, is also helping out in her own neighborhood in Mission Beach.

"It's exciting. I look at it like it's life and death. I might be saving a life," said Froning.

So far, she's signed up some 20 people for vaccine appointments, many of them neighbors.

"So rewarding to see the relief that they had at having somebody making an appointment and give them the paperwork, and say, 'Here you go. You're set,'" said Froming.

"Seniors are part of our population that, a lot time, gets forgotten. I hope this inspires others people to help seniors in their world as well," said Lange.