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Mission Beach residents call for ban on e-scooters on Boardwalk

Leaders say mayor's proposal doesn't go far enough
Posted at 7:03 AM, Apr 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-18 10:45:40-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Local leaders in Mission Beach are calling for a complete ban of e-scooters along the Boardwalk.

The move comes as the San Diego City Council begins their debate over Mayor Faulconer's proposal for new rules about e-scooters across the city.

The proposal, which has passed through the City Infrastructure and Transportation Committee, would establish a per-scooter fee, regulate speeds in designated areas, specify where and when scooters can be parked/staged, idemnify the city against law suits and require data sharing from the company.

People in Mission Beach say it isn't enough.

"It's the Wild West out here," says Greg Knight, the Vice President of the Mission Beach Town Council. "This has become an epidemic on the boardwalk as far as safety."

A rash of recent crashes and injuries involving e-scooters on the Boardwalk has put the issue front and center in the community. In March, surveillance video showed a rider losing control and breaking his neck. In early April, a scooter and bicycle crashed, sending the bicyclist to the hospital with serious injuries.

Saturday, the Town Council will hold a rally calling for a total ban of all motorized vehicles on the Boardwalk.

City Councilmember Dr. Jen Campbell, who's district includes the Boardwalk in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach, says this has been one of the biggest issues in her community since she took office in January.

In a statement, she told 10News, "In our communities we’re seeing speeding, dual-riding, underage use, and parking on sidewalks & handicapped ramps. While only a percentage of riders are making these bad personal decisions, they impact the public perception of micro-mobility. Currently, with no formal agreement and no accountability, our sidewalks and boardwalks are unsafe and reckless rider behavior leaves a significant strain on our City resources and services... It’s clear that regulations are needed and long overdue. I look forward to weighing in on the new set of regulations on April 23rd.”

A spokesperson for Bird told 10News they're hoping for parity in the new rules among all forms of transportation on the Boardwalk.

"It is important that any new rule regarding the Boardwalk applies to bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters and skateboards alike, as we don't think anyone should be singled out or discriminated against for preferring one of these modes to another," they say.

The City Council's meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 10 am.