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Lucky Duck Foundation hopes new initiative can find better homelessness resolutions in San Diego

Posted at 6:35 AM, Sep 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-29 09:35:47-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - The Lucky Duck Foundation and its executive director, Drew Moser, are looking at how to resolve the issue of homelessness across San Diego County.

“Our group is all about following the facts and taking action on the facts,” Moser said.

It’s hope that a new initiative can help do that.

“It’s a program called Shamrocks and Shipwrecks that’s meant to capture public sentiment and the facts to highlight what’s work and what’s not as it relates to political will and efficacy around addressing homelessness,” Moser said.

Lucky Duck plans to provide actions and funds to help elected leaders implement plans that work.

“We’re about funding and supporting immediate pathways off of the streets. And so, that’s why this program comes with a long list of things that the Lucky Duck Foundation is doing or prepared to do to help elected leaders,” Moser said.

Some of those things include creating more bridge shelters like the Rosecrans Shelter, pallet homes and different outreach programs.

The initiative is being announced on Tuesday at a press conference with NBA legend Bill Walton.

As ABC 10News reported, Walton had some choice wordson how the City of San Diego is handling the crisis and Mayor Todd Gloria’s office’s strongly worded response to it.

“Bill was speaking as a frustrated resident of San Diego. He was not speaking for the Lucky Duck Foundation. Lucky Duck Foundation did not call for the mayor or any elected leader to step down,” Moser said.

The city and Lucky Duck Foundation both stated that the nonprofit is privately funded, however, Lucky Duck hopes the initiative can build better working relationships for all.

“And we’re fully prepared to partner with Mayor Gloria and Supervisor Fletcher and the 17 other mayors,” Moser said. “Our role is not to be the critic. Our role is elevate the facts, endeavor to hold electeds accountable and to fund programs that will have a high and immediate impact.”