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Local company offering free drain inspections

Posted at 5:23 PM, Jan 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-13 21:08:02-05

SAN DIEGO — Flooding has been an issue for some people during our recent storms, and a local company is now working to keep it from happening to others. Your storm drains are your home's main defense against the rain.

If they fail this weekend, you could face a flood.

"Right now we're installing a new drain system here in the back the house," said Edy Cartagena, Owner and Operator of E-Drains. "Because last week my customer had a flood inside the house."

Cartagena says you can tell when your storm drain needs help.

"I just put water on the drain, on the outlet," said Cartagena. "If I see that the water starts coming up, it's clogged."

Cartagena recommends cleaning your yard before rainfall to stop the usual culprits.

"Dirt, rocks, like gravel. And roots," said Cartagenas. "The roots can grow inside the pipe, and it's gonna break the pipe."

And while plumbers can easily fix a minor clog, broken pipes are a different story.

"If there's a broken pipe or anything else breaks, it's gonna be very expensive," said Cartagena. "We have to bring more plumbers, more guys to bring. We have to bring materials, gas, our time."

So E-Drains is offering free drain inspections. The first step? Taking a peek inside with a specialized camera that goes inside of pipes. Once the camera is in, they use a locator device to see where exactly the pipe is blocked.

It's a small service that could save your home.

"I feel blessed," said Cartagena. "Blessed because I'm here helping people."

E-Drains offers free inspections year-round.