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Local accuser reacts to Bill Cosby's release: 'Total shock'

Bill Cosby released from prison
Posted at 4:10 PM, Jun 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-30 22:36:43-04

FALLBROOK, Calif. (KGTV) - A longtime Fallbrook resident and one of Bill Cosby’s more than 60 accusers is reacting to the overturning of his conviction and release from prison, nearly three years into a 10-year sentence.

‘Shocked. Totally surprised and taken unawares,” said Tamara Green.

ABC 10News last talked to Green at her Fallbrook home in 2014.

Back in the late '60s, Green was living in Hollywood with the dream of becoming an actress. In the early '70s, she met Cosby, who took her under his wing.

She says their relationship turned sour when she got sick one day, and he gave her two capsules. Green says she started to feel weak and couldn't walk. She says Cosby drove her home and took her to her room.

“He had his hands all over me, his face all over me, I can't say that he raped me but he sexually assaulted me in my own bed, in my own home without my permission, and totally against my will,” said Green in the 2014 interview.

Afraid she wouldn't be believed, she didn't come forward until 2005, to support another women accusing Cosby.

Green, an attorney for more than three decades, says she accepts the court's decision, pointing out he's free because of a procedural issue.

“I want to stress, he wasn't found innocent of what he did to us,” said Green.

On this day, Green feels for the other accusers, but says she, herself, isn’t distraught

“If he were 35 years old … and did 3 years, that would irritate me. No question. He's an 83-year-old man who did three years in prison in his 80s. That might be 50 percent of his life. He didn't have a good time. It's tough and he's old,” said Green.

Green, who moved to Florida a few years ago, says she's hopeful Cosby won't waste his life as a free man.

“I hope that he has a good sense to do something good with fame and platform,” said Green.