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Lawyer: No video evidence of missing SD woman inside nightclub or 'leaving with somebody'

Felicia Johnson, 24, vanished during Houston trip
Lawyer: No video evidence of missing SD woman inside nightclub or 'leaving with somebody'
Posted at 4:08 PM, Apr 28, 2022

HOUSTON, Texas. (KGTV) - An attorney for a Houston nightclub says surveillance video has been handed over to investigators in the disappearance of a San Diego woman.

Outside Houston's City Hall on Thursday afternoon, Felicia Johnson’s father, Kevin, stood alongside Andy Kahan, Director of Victim Services for Houston Crimestoppers, which is offering a $5,000 reward in the disappearance of the College Area woman.

“We are of the opinion her disappearance resulted from criminal conduct,” said Kahan.

“I believe she could have possibly been trafficked,” said Kevin Johnson.

Felicia vanished on the night of April 15, during a trip to Houston, days after celebrating her 24th birthday in San Diego.

Her father Kevin says he was told by employees of Cover Girls nightclub that Felicia, an aspiring model and dancer, was turned down for a job, before getting into a car with a customer of the club. She hasn't been seen since.

Her father says Felicia's phone was discovered a few miles from the club—on the side of a freeway near a park—with what appeared to be specks of blood on it.

“I believe the footage from the Cover Girls could possibly provide us with answers to Felicia’s whereabouts,” said Kevin Johnson.

Casey Wallace, attorney for the nightclub, says their surveillance video has been turned over to Houston Police.

“The very day they requested it, they got it,” said Wallace.

The attorney says while he isn't sure what employees told Felicia's father, he's seen the video from the night in question.

“What I can tell you, we do not have any evidence that this woman was either in the club, or that she applied for a job, or that she left with somebody,” said Wallace.

Wallace said the day after they handed over the video, they discovered additional video of a woman being turned down for a job on a different date. The identity of that woman is not known.

“She asked for a job, was respectfully declined, turned around and left. We gave that to the Houston Police Department,” said Wallace.

The FBI has joined the investigation. Authorities have yet to officially reveal what is contained in that surveillance video.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help the family with search expenses in Texas.