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'I try and it never works': Glitches plague CBP One app for asylum seekers

'I try and it never works': Glitches plague CBP One app for asylum seekers
Posted at 4:57 PM, May 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-11 20:15:04-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - As Title 42 expires, asylum seekers say the Customs and Border Protection One app continues to be plagued by glitches.

Asylum seekers are being directed to use the CPB One app to make appointments.

Anna, a Mexican citizen staying in Tijuana, is seeking political asylum.

The single mom of three says she downloaded the app two months ago, submitted a photo of her family, and has been presented with a few appointment times, but has never gotten one.

“It asks you to take another photo to confirm an appointment, but when I try, I get an error message. It's so frustrating,” said Anna.

Anna says she's spent hours every day using the app.

The one time she was able to take a photo, nothing happened when she hit submit.

“I feel desperate and hopeless. I try, and it never works,” said Anna.

Anna's experience echoes a stream of complaints about app glitches from migrants gathering at the border.

Immigration attorney Nanya Thompson is representing Anna.

“If you can't get that appointment, how can you comply with the policies created by the administration? It’s almost like they’re forcing your hand to take other actions, desperate measures,” said Thompson.

In the past few days, the CBP has announced upgrades to the app, including more appointment times.

On Thursday morning, Anna tried again.

She says there was an app update, which was followed by a frozen screen.

Her attorney has advised her to keep trying, and not to appear at the border.

“I hope the app begins working. I just want a new life for my family, to be safe,” said Anna.

Anna says there is a CPB phone number to call if she's having problems. She tells us she's called it countless times but never reached anyone.