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Homeless services face budget cuts due to proposed San Diego's City budget

Posted at 10:09 PM, May 10, 2024

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Major cuts in Mayor Todd Gloria's proposed 2025 budget may affect homeless services in the City of San Diego this year.

The Neil Good Day Center is one of many programs facing a decreased budget. This creates new challenges for unhoused San Diegans like Izean.

"I do use the showers, I do get my mail here. I don't have storage, but I do my laundry here," Izean said. "And by cutting it back it's gonna affect me and the general population out there that use this facility."

A report from the San Diego Housing Commission says the agency may lose nearly half of its city funding under the mayor's proposed $6.5 billion budget.

The San Diego Housing Commission wants about $51 million, but the mayor's plan only gives them about $28 million.

That means decreased funding for Father Joe's Villages, which operates the Neil Good Day Center. The center would lose about $420,000 in total.

"We would have to cut back days," Father Joe's Villages CEO Deacon Jim Vargas said. "More than likely wouldn't be seven days a week. More than likely would have to be four or five days a week. And keep in mind, if they're not here they're gonna be on the streets."

That creates a dangerous situation at night.

"As you notice behind you, there's a lot of homeless people getting sleep," said Izean. "Because they can't get it at night. When they come here, they feel safe."

The center also receives clients' mail, helping them get jobs and earn an income. So homeless San Diegans like Izean hope places like the Neil Good Day Center stay funded.

"You got a lot of good homeless people doing the right thing, like I said. Going to school, going to work, or both," said Izean. "And by cutting programs back, you're setting them back."

The City of San Diego told ABC 10News Mayor Todd Gloria plans to release a revised budget proposal next week with more funding for the housing commission's programs.