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Grand Princess passengers at MCAS Miramar frustrated, remain untested

Posted at 5:18 PM, Mar 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-14 20:18:37-04

MCAS MIRAMAR (KGTV) -- Some Grand Princess passengers quarantined at MCAS Miramar say, what the President said in his address Friday about the quality care on base, is not a reality.

According to the San Diego County Public Health department, two female Grand Princess passengers in their 70's have tested positive for the Coronavirus. A quarantined passenger at Miramar told 10News that not only has she not been tested, but the base also seems to be understaffed and chaotic.

It was supposed to be a lovely two-week vacation around the Hawaiian Islands.

"Another day in paradise… in prison," Karen Lira said.

By prison, Lira means, MCAS Miramar. She and her husband Jeff have been there since late Thursday, after eight days of self-quarantine on the Grand Princess cruise ship, floating off the coast of San Francisco.

"It was quite the waiting game, which just ramped up everybody's stress," Lira said.

She said that stress increased tenfold after the Government diverted their vacation to San Diego.

"After we left a ship at five pm, we heard it into a bus, which was a crazy situation and then crammed into a plane. And once we got onto the airport, we were told that there was no pilot for the plane," Lira said.

Lira said she was baffled to see President Donald Trump on Friday, address the public on how smooth the transition from the cruise ship to Miramar played out.

"We had tremendous success in Oakland, where Vice president Pence did a fantastic job," the President said.

"It was not smooth. It wasn't a beautiful operation," Lira responded.

When they finally got to their room on base around 2 a.m. Friday, they were given a welcome note. It explained that food would be delivered to their rooms three times a day. They were advised to always wear a mask, when they stepped out of their rooms. They were also told to keep a six-foot distance from each other at all times.

"People found out there was food in another building, and people were going a little crazy," Lira said. "Social distancing, wear masks, stay six feet apart from each other. That went out the window immediately when we got off the ship."

Lira said she wants the public to know the truth about their situation. So far, they have not been tested. They haven't even got their temperature taken since arriving in Miramar. She is hoping the situation gets better, so she can get back to Oregon, virus-free.

"If we are not tested any day soon, when is the clock going to start ticking? We are going to be let out of here?" Lira asked.

So far, Lira and her husband are feeling healthy. At this point, they want to get tested, so that a negative result can finally get them home to Oregon. She said she is happy to continue the self-quarantine at home if necessary.