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Gov. Newsom visits San Diego to discuss plan to combat homelessness across the state

Gavin Newsom in San Diego
Posted at 12:06 PM, Jan 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-12 15:07:36-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – Gov. Gavin Newsom rolled up his sleeves and stood side by side with crews cleaning up a homeless encampment near 17th and G Street.

"This is not my first time cleaning an encampment," Newsom said. "We've been doing this for months, but we're backing up our passion with action with resources and plans and strategies."

On Wednesday, he specifically chose San Diego to reveal why he's proposing to set aside $2 billion for homeless programs in the upcoming budget.

Last year, the state pledged $14 billion over the next couple of years to get people off the streets and connect them with resources they need from mental and behavioral health sciences, with $50 million going to clean up encampments. This year, he's earmarking $500 million in the budget for that type of cleanup.

Overall, the Governor's Room Key project has gotten more than 50,000 Californians off the streets and into housing.

A portion of that multi-billion dollar budget will be up for grabs for each city, but getting it won't be easy.

"In return, we want to see the plan, and there are six specific, transparent metrics that must be met," Newsom said. "If you meet those goals, we will give you a bonus, 18 percent bonuses. We have to do more and do better. Taxpayers deserve it, and people suffering in these conditions deserve it. "