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Giant cross removed from East County mobile home park

Giant cross removed from East County mobile home park
Posted at 4:45 PM, Jun 10, 2024

GUATAY, Calif. (KGTV) - On a hill overlooking a mobile home park is a hole where a giant cross used to be before some residents were forced to take it down.

“Sad, disappointed,” said Joyce, who can't help but get emotional when she sees the empty space above her backyard in Guatay, east of Descanso.

The space had been filled with a 14-foot-tall wooden cross, which her husband placed there on Good Friday.

Joyce requested that her last name not be used, along with the name of her mobile home park.

“My husband just had this in his heart,” said Joyce.

Joyce says it all started when her husband saw two large pieces of wood about to be thrown away by a neighbor—and became inspired.

“He was hoping someone would be able to see it and bring them closer to God,” said Joyce.

Her family put it together and painted it, before her husband dragged it up the hill, adding a light to illuminate it.

Right away, Joyce says neighbors started coming up to her.

“They had expressed to met that it was a blessing… They loved it, really excited it was up,” said Joyce.

That excitement wasn't shared by all.

On May 8, an email from the mobile home park manager identified the cross location as an "easement," adding, "We cannot have people constructing whatever they like on the property."

Joyce, who believes the cross was not in a common area, ultimately decided not to fight it.

“We didn't want to be evicted, to be moved out,” said Joyce.

After she posted about her dilemma online, a flood of people became interested in helping find the cross a new home.

“That in itself is inspiring to me,” said a tearful Joyce.

Last week, after a final notice from the mobile home park, the cross was removed and an Alpine family picked it up.

But Joyce says the story won't end there. Because of the online response wanting to claim the cross, her family plans to build smaller, 4 to 6-foot crosses, and donate them to anyone who wants them.

“One cross got put down. We want to put down hundreds more,” said Joyce. “We just hope to inspire the community around us… help more people willing to put God in their heart.”