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Frustrated Serra Mesa family waiting for overdue stimulus checks

Posted at 5:06 PM, Jun 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-08 21:25:55-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A Serra Mesa family expecting nearly $4,000 in stimulus funds in April is still waiting.

Mark Perry, who is married with four children, says his family was expecting a big stimulus check. Both he and his wife still have their jobs, but the check will come in handy.

"Really looking forward to getting the check. I was looking at a check coming fairly quickly, a direct deposit coming of $3900," said Perry.

Quickly, because Perry had the same bank account for the last 18 years, his IRS refund received via direct deposit every year, including one in April. Taxpayers like Perry should have received their checks during the week of April 13th, a week which came and went for Perry.

"Halfway through May, I realized something is really up here," said Perry.

That's when Perry started logging onto the IRS 'Check My Payment' link, over and over. Hundreds of times.

"I probably tried a dozen times just last night. The result is always the
same," said Perry.

That result was this.

"Got an error message. Either can't verify or don't qualify. None of those things are correct," said Perry.

Perry says when he called the number designated by the IRS for 'Economic Impact Payment' questions, he got nowhere.

"You end up in the same loop, back in the same place where you started from. There's no one you can actually speak to," said Perry.

He's written politicians, and every day, he logs onto the IRS site. And he's not alone.

"I know of two other people in the exact same position I am. I'm frustrated mostly with the IRS website platform, which seems broken to me," said Perry.

According to the IRS, 159 million Americans have received their stimulus payments with paper checks still being mailed out in June.

An IRS spokesperson told 10news they are asking for patience from the public and continue to working on getting "up to speed" with the online platform. They also declined to comment on individual taxpayers.