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Flood relief warehouse helping families move back home after Jan. 22 flooding

Posted at 6:43 PM, May 22, 2024

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Months following the historic Jan. 22 flooding, flood victim and warehouse case manager is helping others affected by the flooding.

"If we have it, I'll find it,” Angie Landavazo said.

That goes for roofing and mold cleaning supplies, as well as coffee pods and dog toys.

The boxes lined up in this warehouse are made to help those still living in hotels on flood vouchers, and those finally moving back home.

"When you get back into your home.. I think you're just overwhelmed with joy and sadness- at the same time because you have a home and you're happy, but you're sad because you don't have your things. That's where we utilize our case managers to get a little personal, get a little relationship going with their clients,” said Elizabeth Jernberg, Director of Global Empowerment Mission U.S.A. West.

Landavazo knows the struggle all too well, as she is still living in a hotel due to the flooding and helping others keeps her mind off of it.

"I was keeping busy. So I don't have time to think and I wasn't really focused on my home,” Landavazo said.

Landavazo helps families by finding out their hobbies, favorite brands, and colors so by the time they get the difficult rebuilding out of the way- they can have a house that resembles their lost home.

"They don't expect what we're bringing to them and when they see it, they're like, wow. And, you know, they're, they're really happy," Landavazo said.

However, out of the estimated 1,500 households they are helping, only around 100 have moved back in.

Landavazo said the process is moving, slowly but surely.

“But I realizedd even with my own personal home, you have these little bumps that you have to go through and it's like everything stops…we, we can't restore what they had. But we can bring them somewhat close,” said Landavazo.