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Father: Missing San Diego woman's last location confirmed by Houston police

Posted at 2:38 PM, May 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-18 11:08:45-04

HOUSTON, Texas. (KGTV) - The father of a missing San Diego woman who disappeared last month during a trip to Houston says police have confirmed her last known whereabouts.

“Just trying to hold myself together. Every day, it gets harder, “ said Kevin Johnson.

One month after he flew to Houston to search for his daughter Felicia, an emotionally drained Kevin Johnson continues to press on,” said Johnson.

“It's just turmoil. It’s just very, very difficult to imagine what's going on,” said Johnson.

Felicia vanished on the night of April 15 in Houston, days after celebrating her 24th birthday in San Diego.

According to Johnson, several dancers at Cover Girls nightclub told his private investigator that Felicia was seen that night applying for a job and being turned away.

“They said that she was very angry, upset, very distraught. Probably not thinking correctly. The front door girl said she did see her get into a car with one of the regulars,” said Johnson.

Felicia hasn't been seen since.

Johnson says her phone was discovered a few miles from the club—on the side of a freeway near a park—with what appeared to be specks of blood on it. Volunteer searches near the area turned up nothing.

An attorney for the club told ABC 10News surveillance video of that night has been handed over to police. Having viewed all the video, he says Johnson was not spotted in the club or getting a ride from anyone.

Johnson says recently, police gave him a very brief update.

“They know where her last whereabouts were … They didn't confirm the actual place. They just said they can confirm through surveillance, her whereabouts and her identity,” said Johnson.

Johnson says detectives have not revealed any other clues, or persons of interest in Felicia's disappearance.

Johnson vows to stay in Houston to continue his search and to keep his daughter's case in the spotlight.

“If I quit, I feel like I'm turning my back on her. I just want to do everything and anything I can do—for as long as I can do it—until she comes back,” said Johnson.

A Gofundme campaign has been set up to help Johnson with expenses while he continues his search in Houston.

ABC 10News has reached to Houston Police for a comment and are waiting to hear back.