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Fans weigh in on SDSU's possible exit from Mountain West Conference

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Posted at 7:50 AM, Jun 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-17 17:24:09-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – The San Diego State Aztecs could be running towards a new conference.

ESPN is reporting the university has written the Mountain West Conference it intends to leave.

“It’s definitely shocking, but I think San Diego State’s definitely ready,” Matt Bibby, an SDSU supporter, said.

"About time! You know what I mean. They're a legitimate program,” Zach Brewster, an SDSU fan, said.

ESPN’s report claims SDSU’s letter is not an official notice of resignation.

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But rather, it's asking for a one-month extension of the deadline to give notice for an exit from the Mountain West in 2024.

According to ESPN, San Diego State's letter states it wants the extension in light of “unforeseen delays involving other collegiate athletic conferences beyond our control.”

"So I think San Diego State making that next step, that’s massive for them,” Bibby said.

ESPN is reporting that SDSU needs to give a one-year notice to leave by next June.

If the school gives notice after June 30, the exit fee to leave the Mountain West will grow from $16.5 million to $34 million.

It’s a possible move some fans feel will only garner more support for SDSU.

“I think it’ll be exciting for the team as well, getting to play in a different conference, getting to play different teams," Sorells Claiborne, an SDSU fan, says. "I think that will make the game overall more exciting, not only for us the fans, but for the players as well.”

There have been plenty of rumblings about San Diego State joining the Pac-12 conference, especially since USC and UCLA are bolting for the Big 10 conference in 2024.

But the Aztecs haven’t gotten an offer to join the Pac-12 just yet.

“You know, I could definitely see that. With those two powerhouse teams leaving, absolutely the sky’s the limit for SDSU,” Bibby said.

Following reports about the letter by ESPN and others, ABC 10News reached out to San Diego State for comment. SDSU's athletic director J.D. Wicker provided this statement:

“As there has been a large amount of discussion about conference realignment nationally, we continue to do our due diligence to identify the best opportunity and fit in the interest of both our university and our student-athletes.”

Some feel moving the university, and those student-athletes, into a bigger conference can only mean better things for SDSU overall.

“It’s all about economics and what that brings to San Diego State. You have television contracts that’ll bring more revenue to a school. That will help the school, whether it be building new buildings. You have more alumni who will pour more money back into the school,” Jerome Tyler said.