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Family of Paradise Hills murder-suicide victims speaks about tragedy

Posted at 5:59 PM, Nov 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-18 13:10:40-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- The brother-in-law of a woman killed in a murder-suicide in Paradise Hills spoke to 10News about her relationship with the father of her young sons.

On the morning of Nov. 16, 29-year-old Sabrina Rosario and her four sons were shot by the boys' father in a home on Flintridge Drive, according to San Diego police.

Rosario and three of her sons died, and the boys' father -- identified as 31-year-old Jose Valdivia -- shot himself to death after killing the family members.

As of Sunday afternoon, Rosario's 9-year-old son, Ezequiel, was in an induced coma at Rady Children's Hospital.

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Karl Albright, Rosario's brother-in-law, told 10News, "No one thinks it's going to happen until it's happened."

Albright said he has so many questions about what led Valdivia to gun down his wife and children. According to Albright, Valdivia's infidelity broke Rosario's heart a year ago, and she decided to end things.

"She had made her mind up that it's over, and he didn't want to accept that," Albright said. "He wanted it back. And he tried to, the love way, and then he tried the fear way, and he tried every way in between to try to break through, but she stood her ground."

Albright said Valdivia's threatening texts and stalker behavior escalated six months ago when he bragged about purchasing a gun.

Albright explained Valdivia would tell Rosario, "I'm going to come over and kill myself in front of you guys. I'm going to kill you guys, then kill myself."

Rosario told him that he sounded like the boy who cried wolf, according to Albright.

A records search shows two cases of domestic violence in 2019. On Nov. 15, police said Rosario spent the whole day at court obtaining a restraining order against her husband.

When he called that night, she told him she had no other choice. He never called back.

Albright said she told him that their problems would be solved, and her children would be safe.

"Even what they were living in, and what she was going through in the house, she had an umbrella over the kids, and it never fazed them," Albright said.

Instead, the next morning, police said the children's father came into the granny flat on Flintridge Drive and shot his wife and four children in the head before shooting himself.

Rosario and 3-year-old Enzi died at the home. Five-year-old Zuriel, 9-year-old Ezequiel, and 11-year-old Zeth were rushed to the hospital. Zuriel and Zeth did not make it.

Life will never be the same for relatives who live next door.

"Now that Thanksgiving is coming up and Christmas. We've already got Christmas gifts for the kids and for her," Albright said.

Those gifts will remain under the tree in their honor.

"They were fun-loving. They were well-raised. They were very good kids. And she was the mother you wish you had," Albright said.

Albright set up a GoFundMe campaign for his family. To contribute, click here.