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Families share why the border reopening is important to them

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Posted at 4:50 PM, Oct 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-13 21:28:27-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Tuesday President Biden announced that come early November, all fully vaccinated foreign nationals can enter the United States. This in turn lifts the non-essential travel ban.

After 19 months, it's a long-awaited announcement for some families who have relatives or friends in Mexico. However, many are still hesitant about the announcement, because they have been waiting for so long.

“I would like to see them," shared Alex Espinoza. His family owns Rossy's Fashion in San Ysidro. He told 10News that his family has not only struggled financially throughout the pandemic but personally. He has many friends and family who have been unable to cross.

“They are excited," he furthered. "We do go every now and then but just the border being closed we have never experienced this before," he shared. "Seeing my family members will be nice.”

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The announcement states that all vaccinated foreign travelers who have been wanting to visit families, friends, or shop in the United States can now do so with proof of vaccination.

Alfredo Perdugo said in Spanish that the measure is a much-needed one. His sons and relatives live in Mexico, and he has been waiting nearly 2 years for this moment. He continued that the day where he sees his loved ones will be filled with lots of emotion, as he will be back with his loved ones, hugging, and being together again.

It's the same sentiment Espinoza shared. “It's just a great thing to be able to resume normal living," he said. "It’s great for everyone.”

For months it has been a guessing game as to when this day would come. While there is no exact date for when this ban will be lifted, those like Melina Rodriguez are excited nonetheless.

“Personally I have family, I have friends, and we have not been able to be together for more than a year and half," she shared.

Rodriguez, like many, knows how difficult the border closure has been for loved ones. “For our families, yes it’s kind of sad because we are unable to met. We had holidays, we were separated, and also I have friends who were dependent on coming to the United States for specific issues," she explained. "For her business, to take care of parents, maybe go to the bank.”

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The measure is expected to be enacted next month, the White House said Tuesday evening.

Fernando Perez shared in Spanish that he believes this move is a good one for both sides of the border. It also brings a positive impact not just for business but promises a return to normal life for his friends that he has not been able to see.

“There are people fortunately like me that have papers," shared Aluhatte Cruz. "So I’m lucky.”

Cruz has been crossing the border regularly, as her dad is in San Diego and her mother is in Mexico. She got emotional when she thought of those closest to her who have been struggling. With no set date on when this ban will be lifted, she's remaining cautiously optimistic.

“I hope so," stated Cruz when asked about the border reopening sometime in November. "I hope so.”

Others like Rodriguez are just grateful that change is around the corner.

“I mean people are really excited, and our friends on the other side of the border just can’t believe it," she expressed.

Questions still remain regarding how things will be worked out. There has been no mention of an exact date to when this ban will be lifted, nor how the vaccine verification will take place.