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Winter storm brings another round of snow to Julian

Posted at 11:13 AM, Jan 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-25 20:15:57-05

JULIAN, Calif. (KGTV) — Another round of storms is bringing more snow to the mountains.

In Julian, there weren’t as many people checking out the snow Monday morning, but those who did, say it was worth it to come early.

For the McFarlane kids, being able to throw snowballs at each other topped the list — a birthday wish come true for Allana who’s been hoping to celebrate in the snow.

And Julian got just a little bit of everything Monday morning, from snow, freezing rain, hail, wind, and blustery cold weather. All creating a beautiful winter wonderland to look at.

"It’s so nice that’s what I love about it. We didn’t have to travel too far. And here we are enjoying the snow," said Janet Johnstone.

But, it also created dangerous conditions on the slick wet roads. All morning, crews worked to clear out the snow from the streets. Driving conditions some wanted to avoid, instead, deciding to stay the night before to play it safe.

"We just wanted to be in the snow for a couple of days so we came up last night because we knew today was going to be really stormy," Johnstone said.

Business owners say a full week of winter storms will help them recoup some of the business they lost because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Julian Cafe and Bakery sold out of their first batch of pies Monday morning. Mom's Bakery stayed closed on Monday, opting to prep pies for the rest of the week instead.

"Days like this are great for business," says Sandra Moretti, the owner of Cider House. "We appreciate all the people coming up."

Still, they want to make sure tourists stay respectful of private property.

"We want them to respect our privacy, respect our private property, and go by the social distancing rules and the masks," says Moretti. "But it means a lot to the small businesses here in town, to have the people come up and shop in our stores."

They also ask that everyone who comes up takes their trash home with them, instead of dumping it on the side of the road. That keeps everything beautiful for locals and visitors alike.

Remember chains are needed if you plan on heading to the mountains. And bundle up because it’s going to be chilly.