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La Mesa businessman attacks reporters amid investigation into lewd video captured outside his store

Posted at 5:19 PM, Jan 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-21 02:19:39-05

LA MESA (KGTV) -- A businessman attacked a group of reporters on a La Mesa sidewalk. It all started with reports of lewd acts outside his business.

La Mesa Police Department investigators are looking into harassment claims after a disturbing video captured outside a local business circulated online. A snap shot from that video appears to show a man and a woman outside Peter's Men Apparel, a local men's clothing retailer on La Mesa Blvd. over the weekend.

The man in the video appears to have his hands up a woman's shirt.

REPORT: La Mesa Police looking into harassment claims at local business

Police said they've received at least two crime reports — one for battery and one for lewd act in public — in regards to separate incidents at the store on Saturday, Jan. 18.

News crews returned to area near where the incident occurred to talk with the owner at Peter's Men Apparel. A man outside of the store started assaulting a photographer and then began hitting another reporter, which resulted in a brief fight.

Video from the attack shows the man cursing at everyone, attacking a photographer, and slapping a phone out of reporter's hand before walking into the store.

La Mesa police officers responded to the scene and are working with the reporters to gather information about the attack.

The crews that were assaulted will be pressing charges.

As for the incidents over the weekend, police haven't named the suspect. La Mesa investigators have not identified the man in the video.

10News reporter Mimi Elkalla spoke with the owner of Peter's Men Apparel, Peter Carzis, on Monday and he seemed to laugh off the situation regarding the lewd video. He said he knew it was inappropriate, but didn't see what the big deal was and claimed the woman came onto him.

Police were also looking into reports that the owner spit on a man as he was walking down La Mesa Blvd with his wife on Saturday. The owner denied that claim to 10News.

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