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East County mom launches 'Neighbors Helping Parents' group

Posted at 5:02 PM, Aug 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-17 21:48:30-04

EL CAJON, Calif. (KGTV0 - An East County mom panicked about the challenges of distance is calling upon her neighbors for answers.

The Ascher family moved from Connecticut to El Cajon nearly two weeks ago. Along with the stresses of the move, there is the reality of distance learning, which proved challenging for Megan Ascher and her kids back in march. Her kids are entering kindergarten, and 2nd and 6th grades. Both Ascher and her husband work full time.

"Feeling overwhelmed and completely lost on how to begin or end this journey," said Ascher.

She was lost, but she found her answer online. After Ascher saw a similar group in San Diego, she created an El Cajon Facebook group called 'Neighbors Helping Parents.'

"The concept is to get neighbors, parents, and families working together and supporting each other," said Ascher.

That support will run the gamut, from neighbors sponsoring a child's school supplies, printing out homework or picking up a lunch at the school if the parents are tied up.

"It does take a village, especially during a pandemic," said Ascher.

Ascher's 'village' includes neighbors with and without school-age children, including some retired teachers ready to step up. Special education teachers have volunteered their time.

"I have neighbors willing to help with distance learning, tutoring online and going into the homes of families," said Ascher.

Ashcer says the group will also help organize learning pods. Just two days after starting the group, some 120 people have joined.

"It says there is this big sense of community, and it's really good to see that," said Ascher.

Ascher is just beginning to work out how this will be coordinated, but she says the panic is gone, as she leans on her neighbors.

"In the end, by banning together, I hope we can help our kids thrive and succeed," said Ascher.