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Doordash delivery driver survives fall from moving car during North Park theft

Doordash delivery driver survives fall from moving car during North Park theft
Posted at 5:39 PM, Jun 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-09 22:21:35-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Surveillance video shows the horrifying scene, as a Doordash delivery driver fell off the side of her car after a thief took it for a ride.

Jace Zielinski, 24, moved to San Diego a few months ago and began driving for Doordash.

On Monday morning, she picked up an order for a home on Ray Street in North Park. At that house, she parked on the street and left the engine running.

“I never do that, but I was close to my house. Trying to be fast,” said Zielinski.

She had just dropped off the food on the porch and was turning around when she saw her driver's door closing.

Zielinski ran to the driver's door and yanked on the handle. The door had been locked.

"I'm yelling at her to not take my car. I was still holding onto the handle when the car started moving, so it kind of jerked me,” said Zielinski.

Zielinski says that caused her to grab for the side mirror. When the woman at the wheel started to floor it, Zielinksi kept hanging on.

“My arm is wrapped around the mirror. I’m also holding onto the door handle, and I’m pulling me feet to my chest and hanging off the side,” said Zielinski. “I didn't want her to get away with my car. I guess, for two seconds, I thought that maybe if I hold on, she won't drive away. I was wrong. As soon as I grabbed on, I regretted my decision. I thought, this is how you end up dying.”

Some two blocks later, the video shows the car racing down Ray Street. In a split second the view of the car is blocked, it climbed the curb and struck a sign.

I know she was trying to hit me. The sign hit the car instead. I was throw off and also threw myself off to side when she hit the sign,” said Zielinski.

In the video, Zielinski is seen sliding along the road behind the car, before her screams are heard. A skateboarder, Zielinski believes her ability to fall helped her.

A short time later, the video shows the car crashing into a flower shop in South Park. Police say the juvenile female ran off, before being arrested.

Days later, Zielinski is feeling the pain of severe road rash on much of her body.

“I can only lay on stomach now. Walking is really hard,” said Zielinski.

Still, she didn’t suffer any broken bones or any other major injuries, something she can hardly believe whenever she watches the video.

“Definitely know how lucky I am. I know it could have been so much worse,” said Zielinski.

A Gofundme campaign has been set up for Zielinski to help her with expenses.