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City plans to replace Camino Del Mar bridge

Studies show erosion, earthquake vulnerability
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Posted at 8:08 AM, Jan 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-14 11:08:22-05

DEL MAR, Calif. (KGTV) - The City of Del Mar plans to replace an 87 year old bridge, after several studies showed corrosion and vulnerability to earthquakes.

The Camino Del Mar bridge was built in 1932. According to the city, it will cost more to repair it than to replace it.

Plans released by the city late last week say the project will cost between $25 million and $28 million. Ninety percent of the money will come from federal grants.

The new bridge will also have a smaller environmental impact, as it will be built with just 6 support piers sticking into the San Deguito River. The current bridge has 10 piers.

The new bridge will also have more access for walkers and bikers. Currently, only the west side of the bridge has both walking and biking lanes. Plans for the new bridge show walking and biking lanes on both sides.

People who use the bridge frequently say they've never thought about its structural integrity, but they love that it makes the dog beach and trails in Del Mar easily accessible.

"It's such a great, easy access point, to be able to get from that side of the beach to this side," says Helen Speidel, who walks her dog in the area. "The people are super friendly and it's wide enough to have a couple of dogs passing by."

The city still has several phases of reports and permits to go through. Because of that, they don't plan to start construction until 2023. It could take another 2 years after that to complete the bridge.