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Chula Vista man loses 'great love' to COVID-19 complications

Chula Vista man loses 'great love' to COVID-19
Posted at 4:06 PM, Sep 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-16 20:53:18-04

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) - A Chula Vista man is mourning the death of his 38-year-old wife, as local COVID-19 deaths reach their highest levels in five months.

“Heartbroken,” said a tearful Steven Di Stefano.

Di Stefano shared his grief, more than a month after his wife MiaRose, first became sick.

“She had a fever and body aches, and then a cough,” said Di Stefano.

MiaRose tested positive for COVID-19 and about 10 days later, breathing problems sent her to the hospital.

Within a week, she was placed on a ventilator. After several weeks MiaRose Di Stefano passed away last Friday at the age of 38.

“That's all I kept thinking, my poor baby. I want my baby home,” said Di Stefano.

MiaRose's death comes as the county reported Wednesday, 57 weekly COVID deaths, the highest number since April.

Steven says his wife, who worked the front desk at a local hotel, was known for her warm smile.

“Just made everybody feel welcome. She was outgoing, personable,” said Di Stefano.

MiaRose and Steven met in high school.

“Our two friends were dating. They both kind of said, ‘You should hang out,’” said Di Stefano.

They did, and never stopped, getting married in 2010. More than a decade later, when the pandemic struck, both were diligent about masks, and later, both were hesitant about the vaccine.

“It was the newness and being unaware of what could happen five years down the road,” said Di Stefano.

Di Stefano remains reluctant to tell others what they should do, but he does encourage everyone to get educated about the vaccines.

He got his first vaccine on the day MiaRose was admitted into the ICU.

“It was because of her, seeing what she was going through … I just felt it was time,” said Di Stefano.

A Gofundme campaign has been set up to help the family with expenses.