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Boats underwater, trees uprooted: Cleanup underway after the storm

Posted at 6:32 PM, Mar 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-03 21:32:28-05

SAN DIEGO COUNTY (KGTV)— Many residents in San Diego County woke up to a big mess after yesterday’s storms brought in the steady rain.

Many people witnessed an early morning recovery mission in San Diego Bay Sunday. A 30-foot boat was found partially underwater at La Playa Cove near Shelter Island. San Diego Harbor Police believed no one was inside. But, a friend of the boat owner thought last night’s weather and rough waters might be the reasons it sank.

“They may have come in last night during the storm and coming in, the boat sank on them,” friend of the boat owner, Jeff Gough said.

Meanwhile, in North County, a large pine tree toppled down onto Eldorado Drive in Escondido.

“There was room for like one car width for people to go around it,” homeowner Richard Bensinger said.

Bensinger remembered when he planted what was a tiny Christmas tree in his front lawn 15 years ago. It has since grown to be more than 30 feet tall. Bensinger was shocked it came down this morning. He knows now, not to underestimate the power of mother nature.

“It was angled a bit, but the roots were spread all over the place. So I'm surprised it actually fell over, but it’s just been so wet and muddy out there, and as you can see, all that mud pulled the whole thing over,” Bensinger said.

He now has to live with a pile of pine chunks on his front lawn until county crews come to pick them up. Still, he is relieved no one was hurt.

“I’m glad it didn’t fall onto somebody as they were falling down the street,” Bensinger said.

The next storm is headed to San Diego County on Wednesday. Now may be a good time to check on your older trees, especially the roots.