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52 migrants detained, applyed for asylum: What happens next?

Posted at 6:37 PM, Mar 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-15 21:37:57-04

IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif., (KGTV)-- Looming questions about border security arise after dozens of people were caught on camera, breaching the fence at Friendship Park yesterday. After being captured and detained, all 52 people are now seeking asylum.

A local Youtuber who goes by the username, "Mexican Andy" live-streamed the video of the migrants rushing the border. At around 4 PM, Thursday, he witnessed a man, using what looks to be a knife to slice through the fence and razor wires. The moment it was wide enough for an adult to crawl through, the rush began.

US Border Patrol agents said they now have 52 people in custody, including 23 men, 12 women, and 17 children, for illegally crossing the border. This includes 27 families, 24 single adults, and one unaccompanied child, hailing from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. All of them have since filed for asylum.

This kind of breach is hardly a rarity for Border Patrol. Last November, just after the installation of Concertina wire on top of the border wall, two women and a child appeared to squeeze through the fence and walk into the United States.

Days later, thermal cameras captured a man, attempting to kick the same razor wire at the San Diego border.

Later that same month was the largest caravan rush in recent years, which shut down the San Ysidro border crossing, freeways, and surrounding businesses.

With so many more incidents of asylum seekers trying to cross into the United States illegally, it is unclear if Border Patrol has any plans of adding extra security. 10News also asked if this latest group will be sent back to Mexico while their asylum claims are processed, as instructed by President Trump. CBP has not responded to 10News' inquiries.