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12-foot white shark spotted off shore of Coronado Beach

Posted at 5:13 PM, May 26, 2020

CORONADO, Calif. (KGTV) -- Coronado Lifeguards confirmed a shark sighting on Coronado Beach Tuesday afternoon.

According to a message posted on Facebook by police, the 12-foot-long white shark was spotted just off the shore of in the North Beach area just before 2 p.m.

Lifeguards posted warning signs shortly after the sighting to let beachgoers know about the sighting.

Lifeguards chose not to close the beach because the shark was not seen "engaging with anyone in the water."

"The lifeguard was out on a paddle board about 100 yards from the shoreline, just past the surf in 6 to 8 feet of water, just before 2 p.m. when he saw the shark appear next to him. It was larger than his 11-foot paddle board," the department said.

Watch Sky10 video over Coronado Beach after the sighting:

“Under the agreed upon protocol, the City is not required to close the beach or publicly report the sightings,” said City Manager Blair King. “However, in this instance, the City feels it’s important for the community to know about this sighting and that lifeguards are carefully monitoring the waters.”

Signs will remain in place for 24 hours, but could be extended if more sightings occur, King added.

Lifeguard tryouts that were scheduled for May 27 have also been suspended due to the incident.