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11-year-old La Mesa girl recovering after fall from bedroom window

Posted at 6:21 AM, Jul 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-29 09:21:50-04

LA MESA, Calif. (KGTV) – An 11-year-old La Mesa girl is recovering at home after falling out of her bedroom window from her bed on Sunday afternoon.

“All of the scenarios of what happened, and then to deal with the guilt if it’s my fault ... I’m her mom, I should’ve protected her. I could’ve done this, I could’ve done that. You got through the what if’s,” said the girl's mother, Angela Lawrence.

Lawrence told ABC 10News that her daughter, Tyanah, had fallen roughly 22 feet after the window screen popped out of the frame.

“How? How could this happen? Her bed’s not aligned with the window,” Lawrence said. “The way I positioned it. There’d be no ... she can’t roll over; she can’t fall out. Her feet are by the window part. Most of her body is against the wall.”

Lawrence said after the fall, Tyanah got up, walked back upstairs, went into her sister’s room, and eventually came to her mom asking why her chin was burning.

“I just jumped up and asked her what happened. She had no memory,” Lawrence said. “Only thing I knew to do was to kind of cup her chin and hold it in place.”

Tyanah was rushed to the hospital. She remembers bits and pieces of what may have happened that afternoon which led her to the window.

“I sat up and then I thought I had saw one of my friend’s moms, so I like leaned kind of against the window not very hard. But then the whole window screen just popped open,” Tyanah said.

Tyanah underwent reconstructive surgery for her chin, broke both her wrists and suffered internal cuts to her spleen and liver, which her mother said doctors hope heal naturally.

“I’m just blessed that I just got some stitches on my face and two broken wrists because it was a long fall and worse could’ve happened,” Tyanah said.

As Tyanah spends the rest of her summer break recovering before starting the sixth grade, her mom is hoping others can grasp something from this unreal incident.

“Don’t even chance it. Don’t even put a bed by a window. And if you have to because of the design or whatever, make sure that screen is 1000 percent secure,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence told ABC 10News that Tyanah’s doctors are giving her a six to eight week recovery time then she’ll go to physical therapy.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the Lawrence family here.