Local inventor's rooftop fire precaution in high demand

Posted at 6:54 PM, Oct 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-16 21:54:11-04

As wildfires burn across the state, many are starting to pay attention to a local man's big idea designed to protect homes.

In 2014, as flames circled his parents neighborhood in Carlsbad, Mark Evereklian and his family evacuated.

"We were literally praying that our house wouldn't burn. There was nothing else we could do," said Evereklian.

 Fire crews saved the home, but the ordeal sparked an idea.  A computer repair technician by trade, Evereklian started a new project aimed at a big "igniter" when it comes to homes and wildfire.

"Burning hot embers will fly a quarter mile, even up to a mile through the air, land on a bone dry roof and start a fire," said Evereklian.

To combat that, Evereklian came up with something else flying in the air: water from a rooftop sprinklers, connected to a home's water source.

Evereklian calls it much safer than a homeowner standing on a roof in the smoke.

Evereklian says the ideal usage is to get the sprinklers going at least 24 hours in advance to get the entire property nice and soaked.

"By the time firefighters arrive, it's less likely to go up in flames than with a bone dry roof," said Evereklian.

The Iron Owl rooftop sprinklers are available on Amazon for $110 a piece.

In the past month, the sales have been non-stop. Already, there have been several hundred units this year.    

"It's hard for us to buy enough materials to keep up with the demand," said Evereklian.

Evereklian says if you're water valves are Wi-Fi enabled with your current sprinkler system, his sprinklers are compatible.