Killer shot man feet from his cousin, who frantically rushed him to the hospital

Grief-stricken family sobbing in City Heights
Posted at 10:03 PM, Apr 02, 2017

The family of Angel Sanabria, 26, is overwhelmed with grief. 


Someone killed him at the back of a parking lot in City Heights alley Saturday night. It happened just before 7:00 p.m. on the east side of 3200 44th Street. 


On  Sunday, loved ones placed flowers and candles around a big pool of blood. 


Johnny Coronado was one of dozens who showed up could not stop cryig. 


"I still can't let go," Coronado said through sobs. "I refuse to let him go."


Sanabria was not just his cousin. They were best friends. They were always laughing and talking about when and where they would eat. 


Coronado said, on Saturaday, they played handball, then grabbed hot dogs  at 7-Eleven. 


"I had to take my girl to work, and we were here just killing time," he added. 


He said they were with three other friends when two men shattered their world without saying a word.


Coronado said he ran and Sanabria was behind him. He said a killer filled Sanabria's body with several bullets. He said he saw his best friend grab his blood-soaked shirt and try to talk, but he could only moan. 


"I picked him up," Coronado explained. "I said, 'Help me put him in the car! Help me put him in the car!'"


He said he sped off to the hospital. 


"I just told my friend. 'Don't let him go, talk to him, don't let him go'," he added. 


Despite life-saving efforts at the hospital, their Angel left too soon. 


He cannot help hold his mom and grandma up, who looked like they were going to collapse, he cannot enjoy the meal Coronado promised to cook for his baby shower in June, and he cannot meet his unborn son. 


"[He was] so excited," Coronado said. "It was a joy. He was happy to be a dad."


Coronado will tell Angel Junior stories about the friend he was and the dad he would have been. 


The family created a Go Fund Me account for help with medical and funeral expenses. You can find it here:


Homicide detectives are investigating.