Janitor accused of threats ordered to stay away from schools

David Goosen must stay away from SMUSD buildings
Posted at 11:36 PM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-18 02:49:05-04

A school janitor accused of threatening to shoot up a school has been ordered to stay away from all San Marcos Unified School District facilities for the next three years.

Team 10 broke the story last month.

52-year-old David Goosen’s lawyer appeared on his behalf Friday afternoon when the restraining order was finalized.

Goosen must stay at least 100 yards away from district property and away from five specific district employees.

“The district is pleased and satisfied,” said Henry Voros, the assistant superintendent of the district.

Documents show it all began with a missing mop and escalated from there.

San Marcos Unified paints a picture of an aggressive and hostile employee. Court documents show the first problems started back in 2003. He has been accused of kicking a child as well as punching out alarm panels using his fists. It was just last year a co-worker claimed Goosen told him he practices shooting in the desert and threatened a school shooting.

“The ongoing safety of the district's students and staff and community remains of utmost importance,” Voros said.

Goosen’s lawyer said all the accusations are untrue.

“In order to avoid a drawn out mudslinging battle that wouldn't serve anyone's best interest, we felt it was best to concede with the restraining order [and] reach a resolution,” said Goosen’s attorney, Laura Farris.

Farris said this is a case of bullying not by her client, but by others in the district.

“He's not a violent man not even remotely,” Farris said. “He’s a gentle giant.”

Goosen is also prohibited from owning firearms. He was ordered to surrender any guns he already owned.