Is someone targeting South Park woman's cats?

Posted at 6:36 PM, Apr 12, 2016

SAN DIEGO - A local woman is hoping to solve a feline mystery in her South Park neighborhood.

Jasmine Marriott told 10News that three of her cats have died or disappeared under strange circumstances.

Marriott, who lives on Grove Street, said it began with Beans, a nearly 2-year-old indoor/outdoor cat.

"He had a limp and couldn't walk very well. He had a gash in his jaw," said Marriott.

Beans was found hurt in a nearby yard. He was apparently hit by something, and a veterinarian said his injuries are not consistent with being hit by a car.

"Perhaps a bicycle hit him or someone had kicked him," said Marriott.

Beans recovered, but a month later, he was found dead in another neighbor's yard.

"No obvious signs of trauma. No drag marks. It looked like he had been placed there," said Marriott.

Marriott couldn't afford an necropsy to find the cause.

Last Tuesday night, her one-year-old cat Meepers jumped in a window as he normally does. However, when Meepers tried to walk, he appeared drunk.

A day later, at an emergency clinic, his kidneys shut down and he fell into a coma, forcing Marriott to put him down.

Her veterinarian poured through the final tests, consulted a specialist and the conclusion was a shocker.

Meepers' cause of death was likely antifreeze poisoning.

The veterinarian told Marriott that antifreeze poisonings are rare in San Diego.

On the same day Meepers died, another of Marriott's cats disappeared.

"Fred is always within one or two homes. He's always here when I get home. I wonder if someone doesn't like cats in the neighborhood and wanted to decrease the number in my neighborhood," said Marriott.

Marriott doesn't know of any neighbors that have complained about her cats.

"It's definitely a feline mystery, and I hope in my heart of hearts it was a tragic accident. It's chilling and scary to think someone could be out there trying to hurt someone's beloved pets and family members," said Marriott.

Marriott now has three cats, and she hopes by telling her story, she can get the word out on how dangerous antifreeze is for animals.