Homeowner: Shattered window likely shot, sparking questions

Posted at 7:25 PM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-09 22:25:11-05

Residents in a neighborhood near La Mesa are a bit anxious after a homeowner says her bathroom was shot up.

“I came out that morning and I was shocked. Nothing like this has happened in more than four decades of living here,” said Ann Baker, who lives on Edgewood Drive.

The outside pane of Baker's downstairs bathroom window was falling into pieces.on New Year's Day.      

With no sign of a rock, Baker says her window repairman recognized the damage pattern.

“He said, 'a BB gun could have hit with force from that distance, and would have shattered that exterior pane and not affected the other window,’” said Baker.

While a BB pellet hasn't been found, that night neighbors heard shots after midnight.                   

Baker's cousin Araceli Ridder was sleeping in this bed feet from the bathroom.        

“It makes me nervous.  That's the time frame when I go to the bathroom.  The window is right above the toilet.  Not a comfortable thought,” said Ridder.

Because the home and bathroom window is on a slope above the street, Ridder believes the shooter wasn't firing into the air, but was shooting right at it from a nearby driveway.

“Who are the shooting at? What are they shooting at? It’s frightening to think someone could have been harmed. I’m hoping we’ll get more people involved in the Neighborhood Watch. We really need to be vigilant,” said Baker.