Group launches to help women start businesses

Posted at 6:24 AM, Sep 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-15 12:00:27-04

Starting a business can be hard - it takes a lot more than renting an office and printing business cards.

But a new group is launching in San Diego to help women take control of their careers.

Dames Collective promises to connect female entrepreneurs to key resources and help them network, so they can launch their own businesses.

"We don't want to just stand by the sideline and watch women trying to start their own business. We want to help them thrive," said Chanel Sonego, who founded the group with Brittney Hogan.

San Diego Attorney Kelly DuFord says her life was a lot different when she had a boss.

"I was working at least 80 hours a week, and I would bring my work home with me," she said. 

She says she was missing out on valuable time with her young daughters, so she and her husband Craig launched their own law firm. DuFord still works a lot, but on her own terms - she says she takes time off on Monday mornings and some Wednesdays, but works Saturday nights. 

DuFord, who does employment law and business formation, says she makes more now than she did when she had a boss.

"You might be doing something that you don't even know you can make a business out of, but if you are passionate about it and you can do a common thing uncommonly well, you can start your own business," she said. 

Memberships at Dames Collective are $35 a month, but Sonego says the group is working on lower cost options for students. 

The city of San Diego also has guidelines for starting a business, including 10 key steps entrepreneurs need to make