Grateful victim searching for Good Samaritans after downtown San Diego crash

Posted at 6:44 PM, Sep 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-08 21:47:13-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - An East County man is hoping to track down the two Good Samaritans that rushed to help him after a motorcycle crash at a downtown intersection.

Just before 7 last Wednesday night, Erik Trudo was headed home from work on his motorcycle, making his way through downtown streets.

As he entered the intersection at First and Ash on a green light, a white truck struck his bike, sending him tumbling into the air and slamming to the ground.

Trudo recalls looking up, feeling pain in his back and leg.

Less than a minute later, a man appeared above him, encouraging him not to move, telling him help is on the way.

The man identified himself as a police office, likely one who happened to be nearby.

In one frame of video, he's seen standing feet away.

For several minutes, the man and a woman who said she was a doctor asked him questions, kept him talking and reassured him until emergency crews arrived.

His list of injuries is long, including a broken bones in his back, pelvis, and leg, along with severe road rash that required surgery.

Through all the pain, there is also gratitude - for the two strangers at his side.

Trudo believes they may have prevented him from going into shock.

"They helped me dramatically and kept me calm.  I’d like to shake their hands and thank them in person,” said Trudo.

We've sent an image of the man to San Diego Police to see if they can identify him.

If you know who they are, email us at A Gofundme campaign to help with medical expenses has been set up.