Got 20k followers? 'Exclusive' Los Angeles mural angers public

20k, verification or bust
You need 20k followers to pose at this LA mural
Posted at 12:06 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-26 22:09:35-04

LOS ANGELES (KGTV) -- This isn't the first time an L.A. mural has caused controversy, but it may be the first time the controversy surrounded the group of people allowed to take a photograph in front of it. 

What's the deal L.A.?

Well, we're still not sure. In our case, it all stems from a tweet posted by Justin Caffier, a writer at Vice. In it, Caffier explains to his followers that there's a new, security-guarded mural in L.A. and that not everyone will be allowed behind the curtain. 

Obviously we need to know more, so we sifted through the internet to find out what in the world was going on. Enter "@likeandsub" a Twitter account with 258 followers as of the writing of this article. Their Instagram profile "@likeandsubscribe" also seems new, with just three posts and 262 followers in the same timeframe. 

What's important about July 9?

The account's first tweet is "coming July 9th 2018." Their second tweet, written on June 25, announces the mural, apologizes for the exclusivity and offers some hope that the mural may be open to the public in the future. 

Response from the public

As you might expect, social media responded. After seeing Caffier's post, a few users wrote:

  • "LA af"
  • "LMAO this has got to be a joke right"
  • "That this convo is happening which is their exact desire and it was inexpensive to achieve and makes ppl MAD"

In a Tweet "Like and Subscribe" acknowledged the negative response from verified influencers, writing, "There is no reason to be mad!" and "Instead of the negativity, come down and take a great photo!"

Where is it? 

The mural is at 7753 Melrose Avenue and open to verified influencers or those who have more than 20,000 followers on Instagram or Twitter. 

Is it a marketing ploy or is it something we may see more of as social media influence becomes more desirable? 10News talked to Like & Subscribe Creator Jake Wagner on Tuesday. Read the full interview here