Frustrations flare in Ocean Beach over short-term rentals

Posted at 4:25 PM, Nov 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-25 19:42:16-05

On Saturday, dozens gathered at Voltaire Street and Abbott Street in Ocean Beach to protest a spike in short-term rentals. 

The OB Rag and Save San Diego Neighborhoods were behind the efforts. 

They put on what they called “The Tour of Shame” in which they pointed out properties used for vacation rentals.

Scott Therkalsen, who lives in Ocean Beach, wants the city to crack down on them. 

“Our problem has been the devastation of the community,” Therkalsen said.

Albert Galura rents his Ocean Beach home out on Airbnb. He said his family moved in with his dad to care for him during crippling chemotherapy treatments. 

"The only way we could actually pay our mortgage is by short term vacation renting that [Ocean Beach] home," Galura said. 

He said he wanted to talk to protestors to explain that he wants regulations because he wants his guests to care for his home and the community. 

"They got really fired up and emotional, and when I asked, ‘Is there a chance you’d even be up for hearing the other side?' they were just so angry and just seeing red that I couldn't even have my kids around them," Galura explained. 

Therkalson said his concern is about his kid.  “Our biggest concern is we have a two-year-old daughter," he said. "She’ll never be able to have friends in the neighborhood.”

This controversy continues as the city council weighs how to handle the matter.