Ex-wife killer could be released from prison

Posted at 6:52 PM, Mar 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-09 21:52:40-05

It was January, 1988. Gary and Anne Jenkins won almost 3-quarters of a million dollars in the California lottery.

It was a wonderful day for the San Marcos family; but one that angered Anne's ex-husband, David Harrison.

Deputy San Diego District Attorney Richard Sachs told 10News, "This set him off. He became angry… and he was making threats; within weeks she was a homicide victim."

February 17, 1988, Anne was murdered. She and Harrison had been involved in a bitter child-custody battle. 

The killing was labeled revenge. 

"It was horrible; he strangled her then slit her throat and left her to bleed to death with a 10-month-old son in the bedroom."

Detectives found Harrison's library contained several books: "The Joy of Cold Revenge", “The Perfect Crime and How to Commit It", and “The Anarchist’s Cookbook”.

They also discovered three duffel bags with fused pipe bombs ready for detonation; cans of gunpowder, documents for creating false IDs.

Harrison was convicted of arson and bombing in federal court; then convicted in state court for the murder of his ex-wife.

Prison terms were handed down, totaling 46-years-to-life. Now he’s up for parole.

Deputy District Attorney Richard Sachs will argue that he stay in prison. "Not only do you have an unrepentant murderer who denies doing this despite overwhelming evidence; you have a dangerous man that was putting pipe bombs under people's cars and blowing up boats. He's out of control. This guy is absolutely scary and needs to stay in prison the rest of his life!"